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Ahammed Saroni Mohakhali,
Dhaka- 1212 , Bangladesh.

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5th & 6th floor ,57 Shahid Tajuddin
Ahammed Saroni Mohakhali,
Dhaka- 1212 , Bangladesh.

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Global : +971501568033

Availability of Manpower »

Unemployed labour force of Bangladesh is estimated to be about 15 million Besides a huge number of un-skilled labour force, skilled, semi-skilled and professional manpower is also avaiable for foreign employment. Some relevant data in this regard are give below:- (a)Technical Manpower :Skilled workers and technicians play a key role in all sectors of the economy to produce skilled technicians there are mid-level technical and vocational training systems in the country Mid-level technical education is provided after tenth year of schooling.Polytechnic sub-system offers well organised 3 year's diploma courses in engineering and technology.There are twenty one Polytechnic Institutes in the country withannual intake capacity of 5268 students.

Besides Polytechnics, there are a number of agricultural and allied industrial, textile and leather technology institutes and commercialinstitutes and other specialised monotechnic institutes offering diploma level courses in theirrespective fields.There is an Islamic Institute of Technology IIT(formerly Islamic Centre for Technical & Vocational Training & Research ICTVTR) , a subsidiary organ of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The Centre has been mandated to help develop the vast human resources of the member states and provide technical trainning of international standard needed for the industrial , economic and social development of Muslim Ummah through offering of long regular courses in engineering and technologies and trades and organising short and special knowledge and skill updatingcourses alongwith technological and industrial research and research in the field of human resources development with particular emphasis on technical and vocational education. In IIT a great veriety of academic and training programmes are offered starting from the lowest trade level to the highest Post Graduate Diploma and Master's Degree in Technical Education encompassing Certificate and Diploma and B Sc in the Technical Education. Higher Diploma and B.Sc Engineering Degree in Electrical & Electronic and Mechanical Engineering with various specialisations in different technologies, such as Computer Science and Technology,